Aetna Submits ACA Rates With Wary Eye on High Court

According to a fresh report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (online, Apr. 29) – – (citing a Reuters story by Caroline Humer) the major U.S. health insurer, Aetna, has been submitting 2016 insurance rates geared to individuals, to state regulators. But Aetna is now also wary that it may need to examine such rate proposals following the U.S. Supreme Court’s anticipated ruling (in late June, of this year) in the case of Burwell vs. King.  Pointedly, the St. Louis post Dispatch report says, “The court’s decision could affect an estimated 7 million people who receive subsidies to help pay for the plans and may not be able to afford insurance otherwise. Industry experts say insurers would probably need to raise their rates further if many people do not buy medical coverage after losing subsidies.”

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