Administration Overhauls Federal Healthcare Website

A report in the Wall Street Journal online, June 5, says the Obama administration is restructuring its troubled Obamacare website. The White House is also planning on discontinuing key components of the federal health-insurance marketplace as part of an initiative ”to avoid the problems that plagued the site’s launch last fall.”

Also, according to the WSJ report, because the proposed restructuring is under a tight deadline, concerns are emerging “that consumers could face another rocky rollout this fall when they return to the site to choose plans.” Functions, such as an automated payment system to insurers are experiencing delays. is still attempting to move over to new federal government vendors who will manage the system.

“We’re all going to be nervous until November 15,” said Shaun Greene, chief operating officer of Utah-based Arches Health Plan. “There is no wiggle room. They’re on a very tight time frame.”

Greene added, “The re-enrollment process is what scares me.”

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