A Vote of Confidence for Sebelius

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney maintains the Obama administration has confidence in HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius – this following the commotion-filled Obamacare rollout of fall, 2013, and also after the HHS Secretary was conspicuously absent during the announcement about the latest purported 7.1 million ACA enrollment number. Carney also added, President Obama “has had and has confidence in the Secretary of Health and Human Services”, that she “was at the front of the line, getting to work”, righting the Obamacare website, now widely known for technical foul-ups. “Those were hard days for a lot of folks who bore the responsibility of making the Affordable Care Act a success”, said Carney, adding: “But the response, to a person, was not to point fingers of blame but to roll up their sleeves and get to work fixing the problems.” Carney has also advised reporters to not read things into Sebelius’ absence when he announced that the most recent ACA enrollment figures (supposedly) surpassed initial Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates: “I think you’re obsessing on something that I promise you needs not obsession.” In the fall of 2013, some lawmakers, including Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) asked Obama to discharge the HHS secretary over the troubled debut of Obamacare. Also, during a Senate hearing, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) pointedly told the secretary she should quit after she had: “put our entire healthcare system and one-sixth of our economy in jeopardy.” At that time, Sebelius countered her Republican opposition by retorting they are “people I don’t work for.”

During the ACA “rollout victory lap” in the Rose Garden, Obama took a swipe at the press, “who were too eager to spotlight every incremental development associated with the site’s botched launch.”

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