Cbo Says Obamacare Fix Wouldn’t Do Much If Individual Mandate Is Repealed

If a bill to fix Obamacare’s cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments were paired with a repeal of the health care law’s individual mandate, the CSR fix wouldn’t do much to lower premiums or increase coverage, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says.

The budget scorekeeper said that previous estimates would remain roughly the same under the above scenario: 13 million fewer people would have coverage in 2027 and average premiums would rise by 10 percent in most years of the decade.

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White House Open to Scrapping Obamacare Provision in Tax Bill

The White House says it’s willing to strike a health-care provision from Senate legislation to cut taxes and overhaul the tax code if the provision becomes an impediment to passing one of President Donald Trump’s top legislative priorities.

The provision would repeal a requirement that everyone in the U.S. have health insurance or pay a fine, but has emerged as a major sticking point for Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, whose vote the White House needs. Collins said Sunday that the issue should be dealt with separately.

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Defying Gloomy Predictions, Obamacare Enrollment Surges

Doomsday headlines about Obamacare enrollment may be having an unforeseen consequence: booming sign-ups in the troubled insurance marketplaces.

Obamacare’s fifth open enrollment season, the first under President Donald Trump, is off to a surprisingly robust start despite the brutal developments of the past year — skyrocketing premiums, dwindling competition, unremitting Republican efforts to eradicate it.

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Record Level of Sign-Ups for Obamacare Plans Reported Despite Trump Administration Opposition

  • A record number of people signed up for Obamacare plans on the first day of the enrollment season, according to a new report.
  • In California, Obamacare sign-ups were up 25 percent on the first day.
  • The upward bump came despite a slashing of enrollment promotion budgets by the Trump administration.


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Researchers Suggest Delusion May Be at the Heart of Conservative Hatred of Obamacare

A paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, published by Oxford University Press, sheds light on their thinking by observing that conservative consumers are prone to “right-wing authoritarianism” and “system justification motivation.”

Those are fancy ways of saying conservatives are more willing than liberals to accept what their leaders say as true and have little appetite for rocking the boat.

Kiju Jung, a lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School and coauthor of the paper, told me conservatives are basically more inclined “to believe in society’s institutions, and thus to avoid challenging these systems.”

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