Obamacare Remains Decisive Factor in Mid-Terms

Many across the U.S. may be receiving monthly bills for substantially increased health insurance premiums. According to a recent report in the Washington Times (online, Sept. 3) those Americans are at the least starting to shop around for brand new health insurance coverage. This is being done as advance preparation for the new open enrollment season this fall. They’re also possibly discovering that the new health policies under Obamacare reflect starkly increasing costs, and – that here are no less expensive alternatives.

Also, according to the Washington Times report, President Obama’s Gallup Poll approval stands at 39 percent approving, with 54 percent negatively viewing the president’s job performance.

These latest survey findings and the increasing premiums may help and to return The Affordable Care Act to front and center in the fall Midterm Elections. When the Democratically controlled Senate passed Obamacare in 2009, one of its main provisions compelled health insurers, drug companies, hospitals, as well as health care centers, to share the $2 trillion cost – spread over the next 10 years. Yet, President Obama postponed this requirement. Now, as things stand, as of Sept. 30, 2014, insurers will have to pony up some $8 billion – which will eventually come from policyholders, ultimately bearing the full brunt of it.

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Union’s New Website Watches Obamacare

According to D. Taylor, who is president of hospitality workers union ‘Unite Here’, a new website is being launched: Obamacarefixit.org. And according to his Huffington Post Politics Web page post (Sept. 2) Unite Here’s membership now stands approximately at 270,000 – those employed primarily in the hospitality industry. Taylor adds in his Huffington Post article: “As with every major piece of legislation, especially those involving health care, the ACA wasn’t perfect. But, it can – and should – be fixed.” Taylor continues, “Unfortunately, without smart fixes, many Americans will lose coverage, have their hours cut or receive less comprehensive coverage.”

Unite Here’s new Obamacare monitoring Web site will also:

• Check ACA success rates coverage expansion.
• Monitor how food and hospitality corporations look for loopholes and other opportunities to discontinue employee health insurance coverage.
• Review applicable, impacting IRS and Treasury Department rulings.

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H&R Block CEO: Obamacare Will Make For Tax Season Complexities

April 15, 2015 may be more than just the tax filing deadline for 2014 federal income taxes. According to a recent report in the Daily Caller (online, Sept. 3) it could be a mean season, one with fresh opportunities for tax-related problems. As of May, 2014 the federal Obamacare Web site HealthCare.gov accumulated somewhere between 1.1 million to 1.5 million ACA coverage applications —  containing erroneous income data.  The discrepancies became highlighted when compared with income information the IRS already has.

The Daily Caller report additionally outlines how taxpayers will also have to confront or face new IRS forms centered around the ACA’s “Individual Mandate.”

The Daily Caller account quotes H & R Block CEO William Cobb, as saying, “As expected, the forms are very detailed and can present significant complexity, depending on a filer’s coverage status during the year, income instances where filers may need to file multiple new tax forms and complete additional worksheets.”

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Obamacare Rains On Job Market’s Parade

Avik Roy, prominent and oft-heard Obamacare critic, returns in Forbes Magazine (online, Sept. 1). Roy, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow, suggests the GOP, at least with regard to the upcoming 2014 Mid-Term Elections, should make the Affordable Care Act’s impact on labor, a “springboard rather than a trap.” More specifically, Roy adds, “they should chip away at the parts of Obamacare that depress hiring and economic growth, while ensuring that as many Americans as possible can afford health coverage.” Roy also says, “The Obama economy has been toughest on those at the lowest end of the scale. It’s time for the GOP to demonstrate that they can do better.”

Roy claims the Affordable Care Act will do the following:

● See the highest tax jumps in U.S. History,
● Increase labor costs,
● Spur workers to drop healthcare coverage – because of its inherent subsidies.

Roy also suggests, in his Forbes article, that the U.S. should consider adopting Switzerland’s “sliding scale of exchange-based subsidies.”

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New York’s Healthcare Rates Will Rise an Average of 5.7%

Rates for individual insurance plans in New York will rise an average of 5.7% in the second year (2015) of Obamacare, the state Department of Financial Services reported Thursday.

The increases were about half the amount sought by insurers in their rate requests submitted earlier this summer.

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How Obama’s Judges Affect Healthcare

Judges appointed during the Obama Administration are having an impact, as exemplified by a federal appeals court that decided Thursday to reconsider a ruling that threatened to disrupt the nation’s health insurance expansion for millions of consumers. With its heavy makeup of Democratic-appointed judges on the panel, it seems likely the administration will get a favorable ruling when the entire court reconsiders the case later this year.

Liberals have yeared for Obama-appointed judges to make a difference in the political and social systems, and conservatives have feared such a situation arising for the past six years.

The decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to throw out a July ruling by a Republican-dominated, three-judge panel gives the Obama administration another opportunity to win the case, thus making a chancey Supreme Court showdown less likely.

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Issa Demands Administration Testimony over Hacked Healthcare.gov Site

Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, demands that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Marilyn Tavenner testify on September 18, 2014 over the hacked Obamacare website.

Press reports say a hacker broke into the HealthCare.gov website in July to upload “malicious software.” The Department of Health and Human Services said the server that was attacked didn’t contain any personal data, and said measures have been taken since then to boost security.

Republicans will probably not be satisfied with that response, as many of them have repeatedly warned that there are reasons to worry about personal information being stolen from the huge Obamacare database.

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