Forbes to Newsmax: Obama in a ‘Bubble’ as US ‘Crumbles’ Under Obamacare

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV on July 29, 2013, Forbes magazine editor and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes tells Newsmax that Obamacare is “ridiculous and destructive” and is imploding because it wasn’t workable in the first place.

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Teens Urged to Promote ObamaCare under California Grant, Report Says

The Los Angeles school system reportedly plans to promote ObamaCare in part by teaching students to become the law’s “messengers to family members,” an idea funded by a $990,000 grant, of the $37 million in state grants announced in May 2013 by the state’s health insurance exchange, Covered California.

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PAUL: Obamacare, One Year After Supreme Court Approval

At the one year mark following the Supreme Court’s approval of Obamacare’s continued existence, Senator Rand Paul looks at the state of Obamacare and its ramifications. It potentially can cause more than 20 million Americans to lose their private health insurance policies, and it could destroy an estimated 800,000 jobs. However, Obamacare does authorize the creation of 16,000 jobs at the Internal Revenue Service.

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How the End Of DOMA Will Affect Obamacare, Federal Employees

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. This not only affects health benefits for some federal employees, it could also affect people who will be newly eligible for Obamacare beginning next year. Marriage may not provide a financial advantage for lower-income people seeking coverage under Obamacare, though federal employees in same-sex marriages will be able to enroll their partners in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan. The Obama administration has extended several benefits to gay employees in recent years, but was prohibited by DOMA from providing FEHBP coverage.

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Without DOMA, It Will Be Easier for Many Same-Sex Couples to Afford Obamacare Benefits

Because of DOMA having been struck down, married same-sex couples residing in states with marriage equality can receive a tax deduction on dependent employer-sponsored coverage. Couples can also jointly apply for subsidies to purchase health insurance coverage through the marketplaces established under Obamacare. However, same-sex couples residing in states where their marriages are not recognized may not be eligible for credits, since the IRS generally considers the state where a couple lives, not where the marriage was performed.

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Why Hispanics Are Obamacare’s Top Target

The Obama administration is promoting a government Obamacare website in Spanish,, which encourages people to sign up. For health plans offered through the Obamacare marketplaces to be affordable, the administration needs young and healthy people to enroll, since their premiums will subsidize care for older, sicker folk. Hispanics are ideal, since their median age in the U.S. is 27.6 years old, compared with 42.3 years old for whites. Hispanics account for 17 percent of the U.S. population, but make up a full third of the uninsured.

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Fox News Poll: 66 Percent Worried About Their Health Care under ObamaCare

A poll, released Wednesday, June 26, 2013, finds that 66 percent of voters say the health care law makes them feel more worried, and only 23 percent are reassured. 58 percent of voters favor repealing all (39 percent) or some (19 percent) of Obamacare. Another 19 percent would leave the law as is, while 17 percent would further expand coverage. The 39 percent who want to repeal the health care law entirely is a record high, up from 30 percent who felt that way in March 2013. The differing views follow partisan lines: Most Republicans favor repealing all (65 percent) or parts of the health care law (18 percent), while most Democrats want to see the law expanded (31 percent) or kept in place as-is (30 percent).  62 percent independents would like to repeal at least some of the law.

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Obamacare Could Produce $100 Trillion Medicare Shortfall

A look at the ideas of  healthcare experts John Goodman and Laurence Kotlikoff. Medicare trustees tell us that the unfunded liability in Medicare as a result of Obamacare will be $34 trillion over the next 75 years. However, the two authors say that,  “based on more plausible assumptions, such as those reflected in the ‘alternative’ scenario for Medicare produced by the Congressional Budget Office in June 2012, the long-term shortfall is more than $100 trillion.”

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Think NSA Spying Is Bad? Here Comes ObamaCare Hub

The Federal Data Services Hub upon which Obamacare relies is an immense database that will lead to an immense consolidation of personal data. The hub will be utilized by the new healthcare insurance exchanges to determine eligibility for benefits, exemptions from the federal mandate, and how much to grant in federal insurance subsidies.

The HHS has said that the ObamaCare data hub will interact with seven other federal agencies: Social Security Administration, the IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Veterans Administration, Office of Personnel Management, the Department of Defense and the Peace Corps. Moreover, the Hub will plug into state Medicaid databases. The Hub will hold Social Security numbers, income, family size, citizenship and immigration status, incarceration status, and enrollment status in other health plans, according to the HHS. It will be based on a new “system of records” that will store names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, taxpayer status, gender, ethnicity, email addresses, telephone numbers on the millions of people expected to apply for coverage at the ObamaCare exchanges, as well as “tax return information from the IRS, income information from the Social Security Administration, and financial information from other third-party sources.”

Many agencies, subcontractors and law enforcement will have access to the data handled by the Hub.

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Working Poor Losing Obamacare as States Resist Medicaid

A 2012  U.S. Supreme Court ruling upheld Obama’s 2010 Affordable Care Act, it also let states choose not to expand federal-state Medicaid programs. Texas has opted out, for example, a state which has the highest rate of uninsured people in America.

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